Wind Mitigation

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection evaluates your home’s features that help protect it during high winds, such as from hurricanes that we experience in Florida. During the inspection, we look at the construction methods and style of your roof and any mitigating features used to protect doors and windows, such as storm shutters. Several of the features that are inspected are located in the attic space and can often be obstructed by attic insulation. For a complete inspection, attic access is critical and we do our very best to observe each wind mitigating feature. 

Do I Need a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Many insurance companies in Florida will request a wind mitigation inspection as they are writing a new insurance policy, particularly for older homes. Depending on the mitigation features present on your home, you insurance provider may offer a discounted insurance premium. Even if your insurance provider does not require a wind mitigation inspection, you may still want to consider having one performed for the potential savings! We offer stand-alone wind mitigation inspections, or if you book our Residential Inspection, we will perform a wind mitigation inspection also!