New Construction

New Construction Inspections

Many buyers think that a newly built home shouldn’t require a home inspection; after all, it is brand new! However, just like brand new cars can have unexpected problems within the first few months of driving them, a new home can have its share of issues that the builder should correct before you move in. If you consider the number of homes being built at one time in a developing community and the number of different contractors involved in building them, it is a little easier to see why you may want a third party to take a look at the work being done to ensure your new home is in the best condition possible when you move in!

Do I Need a New Construction Inspection?

Having a home built for you is one of the best opportunities to get exactly the home you want. When building a new home you may be able to choose the perfect lot and your favorite floor plan. You can choose the style and color of your cabinets and to have beautiful granite counter tops. Of course, you also have the privilege of being the first family to live in the home! These are all obvious perks to building a new home. A less obvious perk that is often not thought about is the ability to have every aspect of the home examined before you move in. 

Home inspections are the norm when purchasing a pre-existing home and they frequently uncover a variety of issues that most buyers would like to have corrected before handing over their hard-earned cash. However, a home inspection is limited to components that are readily visible. This means things like framing, electrical wiring, plumbing, and insulation that are hidden from view in a completed building of often unable to be thoroughly inspected. 

In a new construction home, that is different! By hiring a trusted home inspection company such as Collier’s Home Inspections, you can have a third party inspect your home as it is being built. A pre-drywall inspection will allow the hidden components of your home such as in wall wiring, insulation, plumbing, and framing to be inspected prior to them being covered from view. The final inspection will give your inspector the chance to ensure that your builder has finished your home to a standard that you would expect from a brand new home!

If you are building a home in or around Jacksonville, FL, contact Collier’s Home Inspections to schedule your new construction inspection!